This is my third time being a mom and I want to make this mat leave productive – not that the other ones weren’t.  Already with a 6 yo and a 4 yo, my time spent at home with the baby (Willow) is not the same.  Needless to say, I am determined to do something about my passion for teaching and learning Mathematics.

This is the beginning of a project that I am also hoping will serve as a resource for when I go back to teach in Sept. 2016.  I want to share my passion, enlighten and alleviate learners (kids and adults alike) who are apprehensive about Math.  I truly believe that in order to appreciate Math, one has to understand it.  Understanding is more that just memorization.

My ultimate goal for learners is for them to have a solid conceptual understanding, in addition to their procedural understanding.  As well, the ability to be able to solve any given problem in more than one way – for the sake of verifying the validity of the answer or solution. 

I once came across a quote that I quite liked and posted it on the outside of my classroom door.  It goes something like this, “To know something is one thing.  To understand it is another.”


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